June 3, 2005

Temple Memorial Day Observance!

When: Sunday, June 5, 2005 Noon
Where: Starting at the Old School and ending in the center of town.

Ceremonies will be held at the Memorial Tree (in front of the church) and on the Common.
A separate ceremony will be held at Miller Cemetery, adjacent to the ball field.
At 2:00 pm the Temple Band will present its annual concert on the common.

Please plan on parking your vehicles elsewhere than in the Old School's driveway, per request of the owners.

Managing Growth in NH!

Does population growth keep taxes down? Does conservation drive taxes up? Not according to the Trust for Public Land. Click the picture to find out more.

Coming in September!

Someone is showing a lot of leg!
Who are these guys and dogs?
To find out, order "Of Mutts and Men" today!

The Friends of Temple Town Hall proudly present . . .

A Temple, NH Calendar for 2006
Proceeds will benefit the Temple Town Hall Restoration Project

Limited edition: Pre-publication orders are now being accepted!

To download an order form, click HERE

Twenty-four stalwart Men of Temple, New Hampshire are dropping everything for their community! Joining them in the venture are dogs great and small.

"Of Mutts & Men" is unique - the first such calendar to feature the Extra Added Attraction of photogenic Canine Companions from Hound to Terrier to plain old garden-variety Mutt. Every full-color photo depicts a typical scene of village life . . . in the buff.

Thirteen full months (Jan. 2006 - Jan. 2007), all in Glorious Technicolor

Special Town Meeting Results!

In the matter to recind the purchase of the Skladany land:
146 - yes, recind
107 - no, do not recind
Approximately 450 votes were needed overall, only 253 votes were cast. Essentially the Skladany land purchase was not recinded.

In the matter to recind giving the Conservation fund 100% or $30,000 per year (whichever is less) of the Land Use tax penelty:
98 - yes, recind
68 - no, do not recind
This vote did not need a minimal # of votes cast and of that only needed a simple majority. Although the outcome was to recind, this will not take effect until April 1, 2006.

Sunday Walk Series!

The Temple Conservation Commission will be leading a series of walks on the third weekend of each month to visit some of Temple's natural areas. This is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of our great outdoor resources. Get out this summer and stretch your legs!
To see a schedule click HERE. For more information call Roger Hatt at 878-2486 or e-mail rogerhat@worldpath.net

April 29, 2005

FTTH Run/Walk-a-Thon!
For more information about the race, click on the poster.

Special Town Meeting Date Set!

The Special Town Meeting will be held on May 13th at the Elementary School. The time has yet to be determined. More details will be posted as they are available.

Please check out The Soapbox to read a letter concerning the Special Town Meeting.

Speak Your Mind!

Got something you want to say about the Special Town Meeting or just about anything related to Temple? Go to the new Templenh.info Message Board. This new board will be replacing the Feedback Forum. The new Message Board allows users to more easily reply to messages left by other posters. Whereas the Feedback Forum behaved more like a guestbook, the Message Board is more like a real message board. So get in there and start sounding off!

March 30, 2005

Town Meeting's So Nice We're Going to Hold it Twice!

The snow is melting and things are heating up (and I don't just mean that the days are getting warmer).

Please check out The Soapbox to read a letter concerning the Temple Town Meeting. Did you think that the Annual Town Meeting was a one time thing? Think again! There is a good chance that the 2005 Town Meeting will be held twice this year. Perhaps you feel that the town should not buy the Skladany land or that the Con Com isn't entitled to no more then $30,000/year. You might have a chance to weigh in again on this year's Warrant Articles!

UPDATE! This issue is going to be discussed at the April 12th Selectmen's meeting. Anyone interested should attend. Also the Monadnock Ledger is featuring a story about the Special Town Meeting on the front page of the current issue.

Con Com Rumors!

Also check out the Feedback Forum for a message from Dave Repak addressing some recent rumors about the Conservation Commission.

March 12, 2005

March 12, 2005 Town Meeting Results!

Bruce Kullgren, Jr. brings the 2005 Town Meeting to order.
Article 5 (pertaining to Skladany land purchase)
Ballot vote
yes - 157
no - 73
Article 6 (pertaining to the Greenville-Temple Police Co-op)
Ballot vote
yes - 166
no - 60
(As of the close of Temple Town Meeting, Greenville had not yet made a decision about this issue)
UPDATE: Greenville has approved the Police Co-op, 61 yes 8 no.
Article 7 (pertaining to reports of agents)
no vote required
Article 8 (pertaining to the annual Town Budget)
Voice vote
Article 9 (pertaining to Conservation Commission funding)
Ballot vote
yes - 109
no - 102
Article 10 (pertaining to the Temple Town Hall Capital Reserve Fund)
Voice vote
Article 11 (pertaining to Purchase of a new dump truck)
Voice vote
Article 12 (pertaining to maintenance of tennis basketball courts)
Voice vote
Article 13 (pertaining to fencing around the ball field)
Voice vote
Article 14 (pertaining to the purchase of a new photocopier for the Town Offices)
Card Vote
Article 15 (pertaining to bridge maintenance)
Voice vote

March 9, 2005

March 8, 2005 Election Results!

Selectman for Three Years
(Vote for One)

Steve Andersen - 167
Martin Connolly - 99
Sherry Fiske - 175
Library Trustee for One Year
(Vote for One)

Elizabeth Humphrey - 389
Trustee of Trust Funds for Three Years
(Vote for One)

Iphigenia Hatt - 25
George Ruppell - 18
Library Trustee for Three Years
(Vote for Two)

Wendy R. Drouin - 355
Karin Seppanen - 324
Supervisors of the Checklist for Three Years
(Vote for One)

Sandra E. Wildes - 389
Fire Engineer for Three Years
(Vote for One)

Don Kraemer - 263
Mark Salisbury - 123
Cemetery Trustee for Three Years
(Vote for One)

Gordon J. LaPree - 395
Planning Board for Three Years
(Vote for Two)

Honey Hastings - 192
Allan Pickman - 260
Richard Whitcomb - 297
Budget Committee for Three Years
(Vote for Two)

D. Rae Barnhisel - 298
Michael Darnell - 27 (write in)
Shawn Smith - 12
School Board Representative
(Vote for One)

Gail Cromwell - 371
Amendment to the Temple Zoning Ordinances
(Cell Tower Ordinance)

Yes - 367
No - 72
(needs 3/5 (60%) majority to pass)

Yes - 244 (56%)
No - 194 (44%)
Did not pass

February 18, 2005

Check out the Soapbox!

Town Meeting will be here before you know it! The Soapbox section has been updated to address an issue that many of us are discussing.

Click HERE to start reading.

Police Co-op Editorial

The Nashua Telegraph published an editorial concerning the proposed Temple-Greenville police co-op. To see the article click HERE.

February 5, 2005

Upcoming Events!

February 11 - 8:00pm
Temple Town Hall

Friends of Temple Town Hall Dance Night

February 17 - 7:00pm
Temple Elementary School

Public Hearing concerning police co-op, Skladany land and SB2 warrant article

March 3 - 7:00pm
Temple Elementary School

Candidates Night

March 8 - 10:00am to 7:00pm
Temple Town Hall

Town Elections
For Absentee Ballot information click HERE.

March 12 - 10:00am
Temple Elementary School

Town Meeting

The 27th Annual Peanut Butter Chip Chase - 5k Run
Photo Album

To view a photo album of this year's race click HERE.
View Race Results

January 1, 2005

Sign up for Open Town Positions

Many positions are opening up on Town Boards and Committees. For more information regarding signing up for a position, please click HERE.

The 27th Annual Peanut Butter Chip Chase - 5k Run
January 1, 2005
Presented by the Souhegan Lions

Congratulations Ben Martens!
Full Results

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