Farewell From Robyn Hewetson

eMail: r.hewetson@paradise.net.nz

Dear Steve,
First I want to say thankyou to you for hosting such a fantastic web site where someone like me can soak up all the news of "home".

Secondly, I want to say how fantastic it was to be back and to see so many of you. There were many I did not see or have a chance to call on you, but, believe me, I think of you every day.

To Joe and Peggy, my dearest friends, thank you for such a warm and loving welcome. It will not be so long before I return again.

To Jane and Reed and Dan Curry, love from Gwill and I and strength and joy to you all.

Temple looked wonderful to me, folks and I took hundreds of photos. I will not wait so long to return. I figure I can visit every other year if I save.

New Zealand did not present so much of a culture shock to me returning this time because I no longer feel the tension of having to choose. I know I belong in a way to both places. Temple was our home for 21 full and rich years and has left me with many places and people to love. I hope next time I come I can find a month to walk a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Anyone want to come with me?

Jeanne - thanks for always keeping me up to date on Temple news, births and weddings and deaths. Love to you and all your family.

To Priscilla and Tom Weston - whom I did not see _ My love and hopes to see you next time.

Quinns, Leightons, Cournoyers, Groffs, Sartells, Harlings - gosh, well all of you -- lots of love from me and hey, guys email me once in a while, will you?

If any of you think about taking a trip to the way south and visit New Zealand - there is always a spare room and a hot meal at my house.

I love you all.