Temple, NH
Select Board
Town Clerk
Planning Board
Budget Advisory
Zoning Board
Conservation Commission
Historic District Commission
CIP Committee
Town Meeting
Election Candidates 2007

Select Board (one seat):
   Mike Darnell
   Tedd Petro
Town Clerk:
   Kathleen Nolte (incumbent)
   Jennifer Connolly
   Wendy Drouin
   Jeannine Wegmueller
Town Treasurer:
   Walter Birdsall (incumbent)
Tax Collector:
   Jeanne Whitcomb (incumbent)
Road Agent:
   Tim Fiske (incumbent)
Trustees of the Trust Funds:
   Ben Tirey (incumbent)
Supervisors of the Checklist:
   Katherine Fedorka (incumbent)
Cemetery Trustee (one year):
   Thomas Walko (incumbent)
Cemetery Trustee (three years):
   Richard Beringer (incumbent)
Library Trustees (two seats):
   William Ellis Jr. (incumbent)
   Vince Mamone
   Anne Lunt
Fire Engineer:
   William S. Wildes (incumbent)
Planning Board (two seats):
   Randall Martin (incumbent)
   Charlene Eddy
   Honey Hastings
   rose Lowry
Budget Advisory Committee (three years):
   Shawn Smith (incumbent)
   Benjamin Tirey (incumbent)
Budget Advisory Committee (one year):
To vote to adopt SB2 (needs 3/5 (60%) majority to pass):
   For more information on this Warrant, click HERE.
Click here for Town Absentee Ballot information