Meeting held on the 20th of January 2004


Board members present: B. Kantner, S. Fiske, Ted Petro


Call to Order by B. Kantner at 7:05 p.m.



Regular Business


  1. Subject:                                                                                                      Discussion of wage increases for 2004.Discussion about a 0% increase.  The Board agreed to propose 2 ½% for 2004.

Discussion about the health insurance co-pay.  Move by Petro to rescind the policy of Town employees, the Town Clerk and Tax Collector positions participating in future health insurance premium increases established July 22, 2003, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  The Town Clerk & Tax Collector will receive 2 person coverage with the option of buying family coverage as voted on July 22, 2003.

Discussion of the warrant article for the Town Hall.  There was discussion about the use of the term “irrevocable” vs “revocable”.  Fiske suggested a “non-lapsing five-year” warrant article.  Kantner will speak to the Friends of Temple Town Hall.

Discussion about changing the Road Agent position from elected to appointed.  The Administrative Assistant will research the wording for a warrant article and write up a proposed warrant article.

Review of the January 17, 2004 budget hearing.  The Board agreed that this hearing went well.  The Board would have liked to have had more residents attend.  The budget hearing for 2/7/2004 will be held at 10:00 a.m.  There was discussion of how the budget will be presented at the Town Meeting.

Fiske presented information from Eric Twarog of SWRPC about rewriting the zoning ordinance.  The Board discussed approaching the Planning Board about a rewrite of the zoning ordinance.  It was agreed that Attorney Drescher will be contacted and asked to send a letter to the Planning Board about his concerns with the zoning ordinance.

Fiske updated the Board on the WLTEMS Board of Directors attendance at the Wilton Budget Committee meeting.

Discussion about policies of the newsletter in regards to submissions from Town Boards and Committees.  Discussion about newsletter policies concerning letters from individuals – no political letters are allowed.

Discussion of the information to be put in the newsletter that will be mailed before Town elections.




  1. Subject:  (cont.) Discussion of how the Town Report should be distributed.       


  1. Subject:  Move by Kantner at 8:50 p.m. to enter non-public session under RSA 91A:3, II (a) and (e), personnel and legal, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Discussion of the Edward’s zoning complaint.  Move by Fiske to allow Police Chief McTague to speak to Attorney Drescher regarding the Edward’s zoning issue, second by Petro and voted in the unanimous affirmative.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Discussion of personnel and communication.                                             Move by Fiske at 10:00 p.m. to leave non—public session, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.                                  



  1. Subject:  Move by Fiske to adjourn, second by Kantner, meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.