Meeting held on the 23rd of December 2003


Board members present: B. Kantner, S. Fiske, Ted Petro


Call to Order by B. Kantner at 7:02 p.m.


Approval of prior minutes:  Move by Petro to accept the 12/9/03 minutes, as amended, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.   


Regular Business


  1. Subject:  Reviewed and signed vouchers.                                              Discussion about the well at the “Old School”.  The Administrative Assistant informed the Board that Attorney Drescher had recommended a warrant article in 2004 to extinguish any rights the Town may have to this well.  The Board unanimously agreed to support this warrant article.  The Administrative Assistant will contact Robert Moses to inform him of the Attorney’s recommendation.

Reviewed the 2004 Assessors Agreement.  The Board signed the agreement for the general assessing and full update at a cost of $32,000.00.

Reviewed and signed the scope of services agreement with Melanson & Heath for the 2003 audit.

Signed building permit applications for the following: Carroll & Cecile Cote, M 08 L 007-1 – single-family residence; David & Jennifer Cote, M 08 L007-2 – single-family residence.

Signed the letter to Peter Caswell, Health Officer, regarding the septic system on the Douglas Guy property, M 02 L 071, on Peterborough Road.  A courtesy copy will be mailed to Mr. Guy.

Signed abatement forms for previously approved abatements.

The Administrative Assistant informed the Board that she had spoken to an Attorney at NHMA regarding the possible resignation of Martin Connolly, Temple’s School Board Representative.  If Mr. Connolly resigns before the 2004 candidate sign up period begins, another individual may run for the position.  If Mr. Connolly were to resign after the sign-up period, the School Board would appoint a representative until the 2005 election.

Fiske gave a brief update of the meeting with the Wilton and Lyndeborough Selectmen regarding the Ambulance service.  The WLTEMS Board of Directors has requested a meeting with the Board of Selectmen.  The Administrative Assistant will compose a letter to the Board of Directors requesting the meeting be held Jan. 6. 2004.




  1. Subject:  (cont.) The Administrative Assistant will compose letters to Pete & Barb Throngren, Mike Connolly and Mark Salisbury to thank them for their help moving furniture back into the municipal offices.                    Review of the Wayne Edwards zoning complaint file.  The sixty day period for compliance is over.  The Administrative Assistant will compose a letter for the Board’s signature requesting a site visit on 1/24/04 or 1/31/04.  Fiske suggested an analysis of the Town’s phone service, what services does the Town currently have and options available.  The Board will discuss this further at the 1/13/04 meeting to determine if the administrative staff should do this or if the BAC will be asked to research.                                                                                                Fiske informed the Board that she had spoken to Garnham Flooring and requested a quote to have the left over carpet installed in the Town Hall foyer.                                                                                                       Fiske informed the Board that a new flag has been put up on the pole at the Town Hall.                                                                                    Discussion about the rate increases from Adelphia Cable.  The Administrative Assistant will compose a letter to Adelphia Cable requesting that rates not be increased as scheduled.


  1. Subject:  Art & Shannon Kelley, prospective buyers of the Lukas property at 12 Thomas Maynard Road and David Spears, Executive Director of The Lukas Foundation, met with the Board to request a change of use for the property from a Residential Care Facility to a single-family residence.  The Board approve the change of use and signed a new occupancy permit.


  1. Subject:  The Town Hall Committee met with the Board.  Honey Hastings acted as spokesperson for the Committee.  Hastings informed the Board that the Committee has been incorporated as a not for profit entity as of November 2003.  Hastings then gave the Board a synopsis of the Committee’s requests for bids from Architects for scope of services for renovations to the Town Hall.  The Committee received bids from Richard M. Monahon, Jr., Maximilian Ferro and Susan Phillips-Hungerford.  The Committee recommended the Board accept the bid from Richard Monahon in the amount of $4,000.  Move by Petro to accept the bid of Richard Monahon, Jr. in the amount of $4,000 for the study of the renovation to the Town Hall based upon the scope of services letter of 12/10/03 from Bruce Kantner and to use the money appropriated by the Town of Temple at the 2003 Town Meeting in Warrant Article #9, second by Kantner and voted two in the affirmative, Fiske opposed.



           HELD ON THE 23rd DAY OF DECEMBER, 2003



  1. Subject:  Move by Petro, to hold the first budget hearing on the 2004 budget on Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 1:00 p.m., second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Worked on the 2004 budget.


  1. Subject:  Move by Fiske to go into non-public session under RSA 91-A:3, II (a) for discussion of personnel at 10:00 p.m, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  11:15 p.m. Out of non-public


  1. Subject:  Move by Kantner to adjourn, second by Fiske, meeting adjourned at 11:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.