Meeting held on the 14th day of May 2002


Board members present: R. Frazier, B. Kantner, S. Fiske


Call to Order by R. Frazier at 7:00 p. m.


Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion made by Fiske to approve 4/30/2002, as amended, second by Frazier.


            Voted unanimous to XX Approve         Disapprove –


Regular Business


1.      Subject:  7:00 p.m. Reviewed and signed vouchers.

Reviewed progress report from Betsy Perry on the records reorganization.  Perry will be asked to check into the preserving or copying of the linen type maps.  Review of items to be discarded will continue.

Fiske contacted PSNH regarding an energy audit of the Town buildings.  Elizabeth LaRocca will meet with the Board on July 23, 2002 at 7:45 p.m. to discuss the different programs available from PSNH.  There is a seminar scheduled on 6/4/02 that Kantner may attend, if he is available.

The Board discussed the part-time position.  There were no responses to the ad for a Minute-Taker.  Fiske wrote up another ad combining the previous two and this will be placed in the Ledger and possibly the Milford Cabinet.  Diane Kraemer will meet with the Board for an interview on 5/28/02.

The Board discussed filing records, in particular Conservation Commission records and wetland permits.  The question of who receives copies of wetlands permits arose.  The Town receives at least three copies of wetlands permits, one for the Town Clerk, one for the property files and one for the Conservation.  Copies of wetlands permits, that are not currently in the Conservation Commission files will be made.

The Board discussed the “Bird Sanctuary”. Frazier stated that Linda Bollinger had called him and explained that the sanctuary consists of the area where the birdhouses are currently located.  Many people had claimed it consisted of the entire triangle.  Permission had been granted by a prior Board to erect a sign with the name “Brooks Quinn Memorial Bird Sanctuary”.  It was agreed that the sign may be erected, but the total land area cannot be given this name without a Town Meeting vote.


Final Minutes of the Public Meeting

On the 14th Day of May 2002


1.  Subject: (cont.) Reviewed building permit applications.  Moved by

     Frazier to approve a building permit for Douglas MacPhee, M 05 L 102, for a

    screen porch and deck, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous

    affirmative.  Moved by Frazier to approve a building permit for Heather Pratt,

     M 05 L 010, for an indoor riding arena, second by Kantner and voted in the

     unanimous affirmative.  Moved by Frazier to approve a building permit for

     Pratt Family Homes, M 08 L 028-H, for a single-family residence, second by 

     Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Moved by Frazier to approve 

     a building permit for  Harold & Jamie Johnson, M 05 L 096-A, for a single-

     family residence, subject to a check in the correct amount of the permit fee,

     second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Moved by Frazier to

     approve a building permit for Melvin, M 08 L 020-2, for an addition, second by

     Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  The Board discussed a letter

     from Douglas MacPhee regarding the recent addition to his house.  MacPhee

     explained that the builder had filled out the permit application and did not

     include the garage or mud room on the application.  The garage and mud

     room were on the plans submitted.  The Board agreed that this was an

     unintentional oversight and MacPhee could pay the permit fee with no


     Reviewed requests from Wendy Wing and John Marr to have the inventory    

     penalty abated.  Ms. Wing sent a letter explaining her daughter had been

     born 3 weeks premature and rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital for heart

     surgery.  Mr. Marr had driven up from Needham, MA to deliver his inventory,

     which he had received on 4/16/02.  Marr explained to the Administrative

     Assistant that he had been having trouble with the Post Office in Needham.

     Moved by Kantner to abate the inventory penalties for Wing, second by

     Frazier and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Move by Frazier to abate the

     inventory penalty for Marr, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous



2.      Subject:  8:05 p.m. Tammy Bessette and several other citizens came in to discuss concerns about the Conservation Commission possibly putting restrictions on ATV use on some Town owned property.  Bessette acted as spokesperson.  Bessette explained that this group had heard the Conservation Commission was considering banning ATV use on conservation property.  Bessette also explained that there are many people in town with recreational vehicles who ride together as friends and families.  This group would like to work with the Board of Selectmen and the Conservation Commission.  Bessette explained that the group had started researching the impact their riding could do on property.  Bessette stated that she had requested a copy of the Con-Com minutes from the 5/6/02 meeting but they had not been available.  There was discussion of minutes not being made available at least in draft form within the 144 hours.  There was discussion of


Final Minutes of the Public Meeting

On the 14th Day of May 2002


2. Subject: (cont.) who could set policies for town owned land.  Fiske suggested

    that the group attend the next Town Forum on 6/28/02 as recreational vehicles

    are a topic of discussion.  Kantner suggested the group make an appointment

    for the next Con-Com meeting.  Bessette requested permission to have a free

    safety course on town-owned land.  Frazier suggested that they use the town

    land by the elementary school.


3.      Subject:  8:25 p.m.  Richard Messina met with the Board to discuss several issues.  Messina first mentioned a letter noted in prior minutes from the Starks, who own property adjacent to his on Rte. 101.  Messina requested a copy of the Stark letter and was given one.  Frazier explained that the letter was sent to inform the Board that there has been no settlement of the lot line dispute and also explained that Messina and the Starks need to handle this.  Messina then asked about legal costs and asked if these costs were broken down by case.  Messina was informed that costs are not broken down by case, however, Fiske may undertake the project of doing a breakdown.  If such a breakdown is done a copy will be made available to Messina upon written request.  Messina stated that he had read in prior minutes the Board of Selectmen would not respond to any correspondence from him.  Frazier stated this is incorrect.  Fiske mentioned Messina’s 4/29/02 letter, where Fiske had offered to meet with Messina on 5/3/02 to help him research the information he was requesting.  Fiske explained that she is not available often to help with this type of research and that Messina had not been able to make it on that day.  Fiske suggested that Messina make an appointment with the Administrative Assistant.  Messina then started discussion on the Kantner zoning complaint of 2001 and stated he had not been given all of the information.  The zoning complaint file will be reviewed along with the information that has been provided to this date to determine what additional information Messina may be given.  Messina then requested information on all the lawsuits the town is presently involved with.  Messina was informed that this information is confidential until the case has been resolved.  Messina asked to see the file on his lawsuits.  Frazier informed Messina that his attorney has the same information the town does, but Town Counsel will be contacted to determine if this information may be released.  Messina asked if the Board reviews minutes of non-public sessions that have been sealed to determine if the minutes should be un-sealed.  Messina was informed that any minutes that have been un-sealed are available.  Messina mentioned that he had sent letters regarding the septic on his property to Health Officer Peter Caswell, asking Caswell to state that the septic is not in failure for cabins 1-6, and had not received any responses.  The Board will contact Caswell and ask him to contact Messina.  Messina spoke about the septic for cabins 7 and 8 being in failure and needing a perk test and again stated that Caswell had not


Final Minutes of the Public Meeting

On the 14th Day of May 2002


  1. Subject: (cont.) contacted him.  This will also be mentioned to Caswell.

           Messina also spoke about expansion of the cabins, including cabins 7 &

     eight.  Frazier stated that the court decision said cabins 7 & 8 cannot be

     expanded.  Messina stated that the court decision allows him year round    

     use of the cabins.  Frazier stated that the court decision remands the  

     appeals for year round use back to the ZBA for further consideration. 

     Frazier further stated that cabins 7 & 8 cannot be used for year round use

     or expanded in any way.  Messina wanted a building permit for

     “weatherization” of the cabin porches.  Frazier informed Messina that he

     needs to submit a separate permit for each cabin with drawings and all

     required signatures.  Messina was also informed that appointments are for

     15 minutes unless a request to double the appointment is made.


  1. Subject:  9:05 p.m.  Jeanne Whitcomb, Tax Collector, requested approval from the Board to insert letters requesting verification of mailing addresses in the tax bills.  Moved by Fiske to allow the Tax Collector to insert mailing address verification letters in with the June 2002 tax bills.  Seconded by Kantner and voted in the affirmative.


  1. Subject:  9:20 p.m.  Returned to regular business:  A contract for a partial revaluation was submitted by Avitar Associates.  The Administrative Assistant explained that this was required by the State of New Hampshire and will verify that the cost of $12,250.00 is part of the quote already received from Avitar Associates, not an additional amount.  This contract will be reviewed at the 5/28/02 meeting upon receipt of this verification.

     The zoning changes were reviewed for errors.  Frazier will make

     corrections.  The Board discussed a letter received from Attorney Evans 

     regarding the gun ordinance.  The Administrative Assistant will send a

     letter to Attorney Evans acknowledging receipt of his letter.  Kantner will

     send a copy of the Attorney Evans letter to Attorney Susan Slack at the


          Discussion of the web page started by Steve McRae.  Frazier spoke to

          McRae and informed Fiske and Kantner that it has been agreed there

          will be no draft minutes posted on the web site, no ads from people outside

          of town and local businesses will be given a free listing.  The Board

          discussed whether businesses located in town should be allowed to

          advertise on this page.  Moved by Frazier to allow local businesses to

          place advertisements on the web page for a six month trial period, second

          by Kantner and voted two for with Fiske opposed.

          Fiske gave an update on the playground committee.  Pete Carvelli and

          Deniece Johnson will contact Bruce Kullgren, Jr. about putting playground

          equipment near the new ball field.  All three will then come to discuss the


Final Minutes of the Public Meeting

On the 14th Day of May 2002

  1. Subject: (cont.) plans with the Board.

A letter giving the date of 5/21/02 for the next Conval Selectmen’s Advisory Committee meeting was reviewed.  None of the Board members will be available to attend.

           Frazier gave Fiske and Kantner copies of a fax received from the    
           State of NH-DES regarding the Kieley pond.  Fiske will contact Earl Chase
           At DES to determine what the town should be doing regarding this fax.                
           The Board discussed the representatives to the Cable Consortium.  Gary

            Boot has not been attending the meetings.  Hap Brown did not attend the

            meeting where the draft contract was discussed.  Steve McRae has

            expressed an interest in becoming a representative to this committee.            

            Fiske will speak to Gary Boot to see if he wishes to continue on this   

            committee.  If Boot does not wish to continue a new representative will be



  1. 10:30 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.