From: Debra Harling []


Meeting to be on the 27th Day of May 2003


Board Members present:


Call to order by:_________________ at ____________.


Approval of Prior Minutes:  Motion made by ___________________ to approve the _________ minutes, second by _________________ and voted ________________.


Regular Business



  1. Subject:  7:00 p.m.  Review of vouchers for signature.

Appointments to Historic District Commission – Tedd Petro, Selectmen’s Representative and Peggy Cournoyer.

Recreation Commission appointment.

Review for signature building permit applications – San-Ken Homes, M 06 Lots 013-Q04 & Q07 (reapplication to change type of house).

Review for discussion requests for property tax exemption.



Discussion of the following:

Board of Selectmen policies and schedules

Instituting a consent agenda – a consent agenda would be regular business items which could be grouped together and approved in one motion.  Any Board member has the option to have items removed from the consent agenda before voting.

Requesting bids for the 2003 Town Report.

Workshop at Business Management Systems for the new Payroll program.