OCTOBER15, 2003





Board members present: Bruce Kullgren, Sr., Rae Barnhisel, Marty Connolly, Randy Martin, Allan Pickman, Richard Whitcomb and Ex-Officio Tedd Petro.


Call to order by Kullgren at 7:39 p.m.


1.  Final Public hearing for Master Plan. Kullgren explained that before the Planning Board can adopt the Master Plan, a hearing must take place. He then asked audience members for their comments and


·          Sherry Fiske pointed out that on page 62, slopes were listed at 25% but should be 15%. She also asked about a Hazard Mitigation Plan and wanted to know if it needed to be included in the MP.

·          Eric Twarog, with SWRPC, explained that the Hazard Mitigation Plan can be a stand-alone document, or it can be added to the Master Plan at a later date. Currently the deadline to have this document completed is November, 2004.

·          Connie Kieley asked if the Conservation Commission was consulted about the Conservation Commission Objectives in the MP. Twarog said no.

·          Bruce Kantner asked about copies of the final version of the Master Plan. Twarog said that SWRPC will supply the town with 5 bound copies that will include all the maps as well as a CD that the town can use to print more copies. Kantner also found a number of small errors and offered to proofread the entire document and send the results to Twarog. The Planning Board agreed.

·          Barbara Kantner asked about Planning Board objective #6 on the four-page document called “Implementing Temple’s Master Plan.” She wanted to know what kind of commercial or industrial uses the Planning Board felt were appropriate for Temple. Petro said that office park, light industrial facilities would be the most desirable.

·          John Bauchat asked about the results of the survey. Kullgren said that he didn’t have the results in front of him but both he and Petro felt that at the time the survey was taken, people didn’t understand the issues as well as they did later in the process, so in many cases the answers weren’t very helpful. Kullgren said that both the survey answers and the input from workshops were incorporated into the MP.

·          Martha Scott asked if the MP was able to enforce any of its objectives. Kullgren explained that the MP is a guideline, a list of goals for the PB and the town. The PB may create zoning ordinances that will be voted on by the town. Pickman added that the PB will likely be writing a communications tower ordinance.

·          Linda Homer asked about the wording of objective #6 on the four-page document called “Implementing Temple’s Master Plan.” It was decided to change #6 to read: Review zoning and other land use regulations of neighboring towns periodically to assure that Temple’s industrial/commercial development remains viable.

·          Bruce Kantner referred to page 83, Economic Development, of the MP and asked why the document states that growth of new families in Temple might require some commercial & industrial development. Twarog explained that Temple is essentially a bedroom community with virtually no commercial or industrial business contributing to the tax base. As residential development continues in Temple, school taxes will increase. Some industrial or commercial development would add to the tax base without raising the school portion of the taxes.

·          There was further discussion about what constituted modest or light industrial uses. Pickman explained that the MP is designed to be very general. In order to get more specific about any of the objectives, the PB will have to write an ordinance that will have to be passed by the town.

·          Ben Tirey stated that the need for a larger Police facility was omitted from the “Community Facilities” section under Future Land Use. Pickman said that in the Future Land Use section it states that municipal facilities need more space. That includes the PD.


OCTOBER15, 2003




1.       (cont.)


·          Linda Homer said that if the MP encourages commercial/industrial development to balance the tax base, does the MP also encourage open space for the same reason. Kullgren and Twarog both said that the MP does encourage open space as a way to balance the tax base.

·          Bruce Kantner asked that the four-page document titled “Implementing Temple’s Master Plan” be included in the MP. He also asked the PB how they will go about implementing the objectives in the MP. Kullgren answered that the PB will deal with the objectives one at a time, considering the most important ones first. Kantner asked that the PB consider making a list of priorities that the public could see.


Kullgren closed the hearing at 9 p.m.


2.  Preliminary Application – Al Patenaude for four lot subdivision on Map 8 Lot 39, General Miller Highway. Nate Chamberlin, with Meridian Land Services, represented Mr. Patenaude and presented the board with:

·          Subdivision application

·          4 sets of plans

·          3 sets of mailing labels for abutters

·          Storm water management plan

·          Test pit logs

·          Wetlands application


Chamberlin said that the driveway permit has been filed. He did not bring a check because he didn’t know the correct amount that was due. The board set Wednesday, November 5,  at  8:30 p.m. for the hearing. The board did not go over the checklist. Barnhisel took one set of plans and said that she will make a site visit before the hearing.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.






Minutes submitted by Diane Nilsson