AUGUST 6, 2003





Board members present: B. Kullgren, M. Connolly, R. Barnhisel, A. Pickman, R. Whitcomb, T. Petro


Call to Order by B. Kullgren at 7:40 p.m.        


  1. Review of 7/16/03 minutes.  Move by Petro to accept the 7/16/03 minutes as amended, second by Connolly and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


  1. Continuation of the Messina site plan review hearing, M 08 L 008.  The Board discussed the letter from Peter Caswell, Health Officer, regarding the septic systems on this property.  The Board accepted Caswell’s letter.  Discussion of fire ratings and building codes regarding distances between buildings.  Verbal information from Code Enforcement Officer Wil Wildes indicates a minimum distance of 30 feet is needed, any distance less than this requires one-hour fire rated building materials.  The majority of the Board felt that more information is needed regarding what building and fire codes may apply to this project.  Pickman will speak to Wil Wildes again.  The Board agreed that any final plans for this site plan review will need to have the two proposed septic systems marked “A” and “B”.  A statement needs to be inserted saying “System A can be built if the septic system for the duplex fails.  Reference to Meridian Land Services septic designs approved by the NH-DES:  System A – CA2003049716 (or any new approval #) and System B-CA2003049715.  The Board of Selectmen will be asked to attend the 8/20/03 meeting.  This hearing was continued to the 8/20/03 meeting.    


  1. Barnhisel informed the Board that there are still errors in the Master Plan.  Barnhisel will submit a list of recommended corrections at the 8/20/03 meeting.


  1. Move by Whitcomb to adjourn, second by Connolly, meeting adjourned at 10:25 p.m.



Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.