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Our Garden Stops on August 16th was a big success! Yes...the weeds dominated the landscape after 3 weeks of rain and very little sun, but the flora and fauna was still prominant in the gardens. I don't think anyone complained much. The interest was high as about 15 folks from Temple gathered at the Quinn's for a morning of landscaping surprises. The MONSTER GREEN CATAPILAR was a lowlight at the Quinn's. Bad for the garden but great for sensory stimulation and a little fun to dangle in front of the less than enthusiatic gardeners. Donna has it all...from giant grasses to kiwi fruit trees...it's a mecca of botanical intrigue.

Peg's was in FULL BLOOM. We wandered the pathways thru colorful patches. The inpromtu frog pond...the old silo base was a big draw. A lot of frogs and a lot of algae!

Steve's tea garden was a hit after a couple of hours of sunworshiping. Everyone was glad for the shade gardens and places to sit and chat. His watergardens and zen garden were soothing and a few partook in raking waves into the sand. Steve's frogs were plentiful too and the goldfish seemed to enjoy the added attention and the iced tea and lemonade were very very refreshing!

Thanks to all who ventured out and to all who helped arrange and nice morning!

The Gardens

STOP 1 - Quinn

Donna's garden is made up of a number of small gardens with specific themes
such as a fairy garden, a white garden, a poppy garden... She has a number
of rare, unusual, and historical plants and a host of interesting collections of delphinium, rose, clematis, penstemon, poppy, pulmonaria, and more. She abuts a cranberry bog, specializes in lavender crafts, and raises award-winning sheep.

STOP 2 - Lewis

Peg's garden is about 3 yrs now and is a plethora of color with a winding walkway
surrounded by old barn foundation granite. There is even an old silo base and she may convert it to a watergarden someday. Steve thinks the garden is beginning to come into its own. The Lewis' have a nicely landscaped plot too which is still undergoing some major work. They had many huge granite foundation stones to work with and there are still more hidden away on the property for future use.

STOP 3 - McRae

Steve's garden is a work in progress with many asian varieties, a small patio and zen garden, terracing, pathways and watergardens. He is planning to add clumping bamboo culitvers in the near future. Having semi-retired as a landscaper now, Steve is finally working on his own property. More watergardens are planned, more stone walls, some japanese architecture, grape arbors and whatever else he can dream up. Steve's goal is to connect a series of gardens with various themes, creating spaces for contemplation, meditation, morning spaces, afternoon spaces and entertaining.

Both Steve's and Peg's main gardens went in about the same time so there is little maturity in the plants, however, some of Steve's were bought fairly mature having the wholesale resources to do so. Some he's transplanted from other parts of his yard where they were 'holed up' waiting for a more permanant home.

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