Zoning Board

Meetings typically at 7:30pm, 1st Thursday of the month.

The ZBA designates the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. as its regular meeting. However, the chairperson may cancel any regular meeting if no appeals have been submitted to the Board prior to the application deadline for that meeting, and if there is no other business that needs to be conducted by the Board.

For business to be scheduled it must be filed with the Selectmen’s office by close of business on the 2nd Wednesday of the previous month. This period of time is necessary to allow for the proper placement of notices and notification of all abutters. You can reach the Zoning Board Chair, John Pierce, at 878-0890.

Zoning Board Members

Mary Beth Ayvazian 2011 John Pierce, Chair 2012 Jenny Howland 2013
Randy Burnham, Alt 2011 Honey Hastings, Vice Chair 2012 David Martz 2013
  Alt, Open, 2012 Don Kraemer, Alt 2013

Zoning Board Documents (pdf)

Plans, Regulations, Manuals
Zoning Ordinance (2013)
Driveway Regulations (2009)
Rules of Procedure (2007)

Zoning Board 2010 Final Minutes of Meetings

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Click here for older minutes.

Click here for information about meeting minutes.


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