Temple Town Hall Advisory Committee

The primary purpose of this committee is to assist in monitoring the use and condition of this building, advising the Select Board on any issues arising that might impact the Town Hall’s functionality or appearance. This will ensure that the building remains a vibrant community center for education, enrichment and general enjoyment, and that its historic, functional and financial values are protected on behalf of all Temple residents. Additionally, this will assist the Town in fulfilling its obligation to preserve the Town Hall in the same structural condition and state of repair as when its rehabilitation was completed, in accordance with but not limited to, the term of the Stewardship Agreement that exists between the Town of Temple and the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP). Extending beyond the LCHIP agreement timeframe, the existence of this advisory committee will ensure that the same spirit of Town Hall stewardship is carried forth, and that the preservation of this building continues in perpetuity.

A minimum of three meetings per year will be held by the committee. Contact: Connie Kieley, 878-1220, clamor2248@aol.com

Town Hall Advisory Committee Members

Julie Middleton 2015 Connie Kieley 2014 Richard Benotti 2013
Ronald Pulos 2015 Sydney Thomas 2014 Richard Keuper 2013
Tedd Petro Ex Officio


  October 24, 2012 May 08, 2012
October 24, 2011 March 28, 2011 September 15, 2010



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