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Some information about the Large Wind Energy System Ordinance

Ballot Results:Voted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012: Yes 349, No 78


About our Large Wind Energy Systems ordinance

Click here to download the final version of the Large Wind Energy Systems Ordinance.

Feedback from the community has indicated that the townspeople of Temple are in support of alternative energy, but they are concerned about issues of health, safety, environment, aesthetics & property values, protecting our historic landmarks, and protecting the financial health of Temple.



In Spring 2011, Temple was approached by a Wind Power developer, Pioneer Green, about building a Large Wind Energy project which would be in the area of Kidder Mountain.

The original proposed project: About 2/3 of the Wind Turbines on the New Ipswich side, the balance in Temple. 6 - 11 Turbines total, each 400 feet tall, 12-25 Megawatts (MW)

• On Christmas Eve, 2012, we learned that Pioneer Green had formed a new entity, Timbertop Wind LLC, and this group has revised the proposed Large Wind Energy project.

• The new project sites 2 towers in New Ipswich and 3 in Temple. Each tower is 500′ tall, 3MW, for a total of 15MW.

All towers will be readily visible in Temple and the surrounding region.


Estimated View from Temple Elementary School:

This illustration represents 3MW, 500′ Wind Turbines, (for comparison, the Wind Turbines in Lempster are 2MW, 400’ tall. (The 2 turbines shown on the left are in New Ipswich. 2 additional Turbines are proposed, and would be on the far right, off the side of this image)

Estimated view from Tobey Lane off of East Road:

* * *

Contact our administrator to forward your comments to the Planning Board:



About the Migration Route and the truly unique feature of the Wapack Range:

The Wapack Range, situated along the western edge of Temple, is the centerpiece of a crucial migration route which is recognized by the Federal government. The Wapack Range, approximately 22 miles long, is part of a unique geological formation known as a “leading line”, which creates a long, reliable updraft which birds intentionally travel to, to assist in their migration. There is not another “leading line” formation for hundreds of miles… effectively, there is not another one in New England. Well-documented records indicate that more than 5,000 migrating raptors have been known to travel through this precise corridor, in the course of just one day. Well over 13,000 migrating raptors are counted each fall migration season. Therefor, we take particular care in protecting this critical flyway and the natural environment which supports it.

Click here for a link to the Audubon Society’s Official Position on Wind:

Our goal is to protect the health, safety, and property of Temple residents, so we have been carefully researching these issues.

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