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Meetings held at 7:30pm, at the Town Hall Annex, 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please attend the Public Hearing regarding Jurisdiction of Timbertop Wind Energy on Kidder Mountain!
Monday, June 3

NH Public Utilities Commission office
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10
Concord, NH

Click here for the NH SEC site with all the documents.

A message about the Timbertop Wind project being proposed in Temple and New Ipswich:

The Timbertop Wind project should be under the control of Town Boards: Selectmen, Planning and Zoning.

The developer, Timbertop Wind LLC 1, is fighting hard to get the State of NH to take jurisdiction away from us. They do not want to conform to our Zoning Ordinance. Control by the State would nullify our Large Wind Ordinance.

Working with New Ipswich, through our attorney, we have contested this attempt to circumvent our regulations. These regulations were approved by Temple voters in March, 2012 by a very large majority.

Whether or not you are enthusiastic about having modern windmills rising 500 feet over the top of Kidder Mountain is not the issue. Local control of the siting, construction, and operation of this commercial wind energy facility should remain with the Temple and New Ipswich Boards.


Click here for background information about the Large Wind Energy Systems Ordinance.


Zoning Amendments voted in, March 2013

  1. Aquifer Protection Ordinance
    This ordinance designates areas in Temple containing critical water sources, and establishes some restricted uses in those areas in order to protect Temple’s water supply for current and future generations.
    click here for a pdf of the Aquifer Protection Ordinance
    click here for a pdf of the Revised Draft Aquifer Protection Overly District Map
  2. Wetlands Protection Ordinance
    To protect sensitive water-based ecosystems which provide drinking water, recreation, wildlife habitat and flood control.
    click here for a pdf of the Wetlands Protection Ordinance
  3. Dark Skies Ordinance
    Establishing requirements for outdoor lighting which will preserve the visibility of night-time skies.
    click here for a pdf of the Lighting/Dark Sky Protection Ordinance

Planning Board responsibilities include reviewing and amending the Zoning Ordinance as necessary, maintaining the Master Plan, and overseeing Subdivision Requests, Lot Line Adjustments, Site Plan Review and Earth Excavation Regulations. You can reach the Planning Board Administrative Assistant, Betsy Perry, at (603) 878-2536.

Planning Board Members

Rose Lowry 2013, Chair Allan Pickman 2014 Mary Beth Ayvazian 2015
Randy Martin 2013 Ken Sullivan 2014 Camilla Lockwood 2015
John Kieley, Ex-Officio

Planning Board Documents (pdf)

Plans, Regulations, Manuals
Master Plan – Complete (10MB) Aquifiers Map
Master Plan – (without maps 1.1MB) Construction Materials
Open Space Plan Development Constraints Map
Natural Resources Inventory Land Use Map
Excavation Of Gravel Regs Protected Lands Map
Site Plan Review Regulations Regional Aquifiers Map
Subdivision Regulations Transportation Map
Driveway Regulations Zoning & Community Facilities Map
Zoning Ordinance (2013)  
Rules of Procedure  


NH Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC)
VT/NH USDA Rural Development
VT/NH USDA Rural Housing Programs

Planning Board 2013 Final Minutes of Meetings

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1-02 2-06 3-06 4-03              
1-09 2-13 3-20 4-17          
Public Hearing
2-20 3-28    


Public Hearing



Planning Board 2012 Final Minutes of Meetings

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1-04 2-01
Public Hearing
3-07 4-04 5-02 6-06 8-08 9-05 10-03 11-07
Public Forum
1-16 2-06 3-21 4-18 5-16 6-27 9-19 10-18 11-28 12-19
Public Hearing
2-15 10-31  

Planning Board 2011 Final Minutes of Meetings

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1-05 2-02 3-02 4-06 5-04 6-01 7-13 8-17 9-07 10-05 11-02 12-07
1-19 3-16 4-20 5-18 6-15 8-31 9-21 10-19 11-17
Public Forum
1-26 11-30
Public Forum

Planning Board 2010 Final Minutes of Meetings

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1-11 2-03 3-03 4-07 5-05 6-02 9-01 10-06
1-20 2-07 3-17 4-21 5-19 6-16 7-21 9-15

Click here for older minutes.

Click here for information about meeting minutes.


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