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Temple-Greenville Police Board

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Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:56 pm    Post subject: Temple-Greenville Police Board

The Temple-Greenville Police Department, is no different than the Police Departments it replaced! This comes from personal experience! After a neighbor filed a complaint about harassment, stalking, criminal threatening, and assault. and having the complaints ignored, squashed and buried, the problem still exists!

A few months ago this same individual assaulted one of the Officers, instead of being arrested for assaulting a police officer, this person was let loose. This same individual broken in to TWO houses stole guns, pawned the guns, and got away with it. (The people that were robbed were told "You Got Your Property back, Drop the charges, or ELSE" By the Chief of Police!) This same individual is well known for break ins, assaults, and dealing drugs in town! and guess who is PAYING for this Individual's apartment?! THE TEMPLE GREENVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT! With our tax dollars!

The Criminal Activities of this individual are constantly covered up by the Temple-Greenville Police, because the Individual pays them off with his ill gotten gains, and he is an informant for the Police. This is a WELL Known FACT in town too, not just a rumor!

I'm Sorry but last time I looked the theft of a Firearms and Resale of stolen firearms is a FEDERAL OFFENSE! Pursuant to Title 18 United States Code, Section, 994 and others Covering up that Crime by intimidating Witnesses is Conspiracy pursuant to Title 18 United States Code, Section 371, Another individual had some problems with a family member, the young teen had attempted suicide and assaulted the police Sgt. with a knife.

When the Court Date came around, the Chief showed up, and told him, "We are going to say you forged the police report!" Talk about an act of Perjury!

We wonder what and F.B.I. handwriting expert is going to say when the Temple Greenville Police try to deny who's signature is on the police report.

If you have a problem in Greenville, and file a complaint, the Police will respond to the Complaint, and then forget it ever happened. If you Complain to the Joint Police Board, you will get a threatening call from the Chief of Police and you will be told, "If you don't like it...LEAVE!" (last we heard this was a free country, and people have a right to live where they want, without being forced to leave town by a government official!) You are better off to handle the problem yourself, than to rely on the local Police!

Several Residents have filed a joint Complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, asking them U.S. Department of Justice, to investigate not only the Temple-Greenville Police Department, but the members of the Joint Police Board as well. The Corruption that existed before the Greenville Police Department was disbanded and the Co-Op went into effect, is just as bad or WORSE!

The Residents of Greenville and Temple have a Criminal Organization in charge of enforcing the law in Greenville and Temple, we might as well have the maffia, a street gang, or a biker gang in charge of the town, it would be EXACTLY the same!

Oh and we should mention, there are a few people that have the Threats made by the Temple-Greenville Chief of police on tape, these tapes have been sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.
Since the chief called and threatened one person that happens to be related to a Federal Agent, and that Federal Agent was STANDING right there and heard the Threat, I wonder if the Chief will say this individual is LYING.

Maybe we should follow what Lyndeborough and Several other small towns have done, and just have a police administrator to oversee the Police Department, have no officers above "Patrolman grade. or have the State Police take over and enforce the law. Anything is better than what we have now.

One of my other neighbors has stated that he will handle what ever problems he has on his own, because the Police are so corrupt. (Not all of the Officers are Corrupt, but are often not allowed to do their jobs the way they are supposed too, because the are constantly over ridden by the Chief to protect his "buddies"!)

We will post this on another website, just in case. What I have posted here is the absolute TRUTH. I am also going to send a copy of this to the news papers, because something needs to be done! Enough is Enough!

Let the Chief threaten us again, we have a lawyer, and a Federal Agent that knows what is going on. People have been told not to show up to a police board meeting, OR ELSE by the Cheif.

Oh and they Don't respond to Crimes, Unless they want too, We had to have the State Police and New Ipswitch Police, respond last night, because Temple Greenville P.D. REFUSED to Respond!

You Shouldn't need a Notorized letter to obtain PUBLIC Records! If they Told you that, it's because they are covering up the fact that they didn't bother to file a report, or do anything!
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