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Resident Photography

Tom Baker - Sunset/Grapes
Daniel Cournoyer - Parade
Sherry Fiske - Turkey Time
Roger Hatt - Blood Brook
Kedon Mandel - Late March Storm
Heather McRae - Chief Cow
Steve McRae - Snow in May
Alex St. Amand - Moose
James Thomas - Half Marathon
Jennifer Weston - Sunrise

If you would like to submit photos for the resident photography section you can email digital files to templenh.info@verizon.net. Please send high resolution photos whenever possible. The resident photography area is reserved for photos taken in Temple by Temple residents. The photos can be of people, events, wildlife, nature, artistic or interesting. We will not post any photos which are meant to solicit business or have questionable content. We reserve the right not to post photos on the website for any reason.

Also, please be aware that the website is maintained on a voluntary basis and is updated once a week on average. It may take a week or 2 before your photos appear on the website.