Town Meeting & Elections

Temple is a "Traditional Town Meeting" Town.
(Click here for an article about the history of New Hampshire Town Meeting.)

Town Ballot voting typically happens the 2nd Tuesday of March. Ballot voting includes electing officers, Zoning Ordinance changes, and School District voting.

Town Meeting happens the Saturday after the Ballot voting, and it is there that elected officers are sworn in, the Budget is presented, and Warrant Articles are discussed and voted upon. (The budget is discussed in detail at a Budget Deliberative Session, which happens a few weeks prior to Town Meeting.)

Sign up for an elected position! The filing period is typically one week, toward the end of January. Sign up is held at the Town Clerk’s office.

State and Federal voting follow the State schedule. Special elections are announced in advance.

• 2012 Voting Preliminary Results

• How to Register to vote

• 2011 Voting Results


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