Temple Driveway Plowing Cooperative


Driveway Plowing Coop Members Meeting
18 February - Saturday
10 am - Town Hall

· Reports
· Bylaws
· Election of Board of Directors

Click here for a pdf copy of the bylaws.

The Temple Driveway Plowing Cooperative has been established and will offer efficient, economical and ecologically sound driveway plowing this winter. The co-op was established by residents from all parts of town and has filed with the State of NH as a non-profit corporation (co-operative).

Board of Directors
Michelle Cohen Peter Colpitts Mike Darnell
Mike Davidson Gail Gladu Honey Hastings
Bruce Kantner Phil Waterman Coral Woods

• Click here for an application (pdf)


• FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Temple Driveway Plowing Cooperative (TDPC)
2011-2012 Standards and Terms of Service

1. Driveways shall be clearly marked with 4′ wood or fiberglass stakes and shall be free of gates and other obstructions.
2. Features near the driveway shall be marked with 4′ wood or fiberglass stakes (septic systems, well heads, culverts, landscaping, etc.)
3. Driveways shall have an adequate cleared width and height.
4. Safety first; please keep children and pets away from driveways during plowing.
Service Basics –
The plowing will be similar to that traditionally provided by the Town of Temple:
1. TDPC plows only if the snow is 4” deep or more, measured at Highway Department garage.
2. Driveways will be plowed when the storm is over and when the adjacent roads have been plowed.
3. TDPC cannot guarantee that driveways will be kept open if snow accumulation is excessive.
4. There will be no plowing unless the ground is frozen.
5. Neither TDPC nor contracted plow drivers will be responsible for damage to driveway surfaces or lawns.
6. TDPC will not: sand driveways, plow out mailboxes, or re-plow because of drifting.
Other Terms of Service
1. Fees are due on or before 15 November; your driveway will not be plowed until you pay.
2. If TDPC determines that it is not safe or practical for TDPC to plow your driveway, TDPC will return your application & fees.
3. The TDPC will not be liable for any personal injury or property damage.
4. Contracted plow drivers are required to maintain liability insurance.
5. Combined Member Fee and Annual Plowing Fee for 2011-2012 is $1 per $1,000 of valuation (see Member Application for details.)
6. The Annual Plowing Fee is based on best available information about likely number of storms.
If storms are excessive in number or severity, additional fees will be assessed.
7. No refunds. Any unused funds will be carried over from season to season as a reserve fund.
8. If the property is transferred, the Member Fee shall be transferred to the new owner/occupant.
9. If the property is transferred during the plowing season, the Annual Plowing Fee paid shall be transferred to the new owner/occupant.

Please save this document for your records. Plowing problems? Contact Steve Andersen, Plow Manager, at 325-3198.


• Click here for an application (pdf)

P.O. Box 24
Temple, NH 03084


- rev. 5 Oct 11


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