Temple Historical Society


Encouraging interest in the History of Temple
The Temple Historical Society holds regular events, meetings, and occasional extravaganzas, which stimulate participation and curiosity about our local history. THS also maintains a collection of historic artifacts, and oversees the Temple Glassworks site.

Join us July 14th!

The Great Antiques Sideshow

  • Antiques Appraisals
  • Silent Auction
  • Picnic Lunch

Recent large events:

NH Glassmakers Exhibit from 2010-2011

Temple Barn Tour 2010


About School House No. 6.

School House No. 6, Temple’s last remaining one-room schoolhouse, stands in the pasture just south of the village. Built c. 1820, it served youngsters in North Temple until 1899 when, with only 12 pupils remaining, it closed its doors.

Seventh-Day Adventists used the building as a meetinghouse for a time, and in 1930 orchardist Daniel Barry bought it for an apple-packing shed. In 2001, alarmed by its deterioration and fearful for its future safety, the Temple Historical Society moved the neglected old school to its new site. Clapboards have been repaired and replaced as needed, a new roof is complete, the exterior freshly painted. Now, thanks to your help, restoration of the interior has commenced.

Be sure to visit this charming piece of Americana, where four generations of Temple children learned the Three Rs.

Historical Society Officers, 2012
Phil Lauriat, President Peter Colpitts, Vice-President Arnie Thibodeau, Treasurer
Olivia Holmes, Secretary Honey Hastings & Peter Colpitts,
Program Coordinators
Anne Lunt,
Communications Coordinator
David Repak, Glassworks Overseer Lilliane LeBel, Member At-Large John Kieley, Schoolhouse #6 Overseer

Temple Historical Society, Box 114, Temple, NH 03084


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