Minutes of Meetings Website Committee - Temple, NH


Committee Members: eMail

  • Vince Mamone
  • Wendy Wing
  • Anne Lunt
  • Connie Kieley
  • Rose Lowry
  • Steve McRae - Webmaster




First Meeting: June 9th, 2003 - 9AM - 11AM

Informal Minutes

Present -- C. Kieley, A. Lunt, V. Mamone, S. McRae


1. Should site be public or private? Decision -- private

Town government needs a separate site, with /link to this one
All information to be entered through the webmaster

2. Continuity/transition

Need for a backup to take over in case of illness, absence, burnout
should have duplicate website

How to find?
Offer training as incentive?
Contact school technical center?
post need on site?

Down the line, hand off sections to individual organizations first need
liaison members from each.

Calendar -- C. Kieley will set this up

3. Need for a Guideline/Purpose/Methodology statement from Webmaster
(including privacy disclaimer)

Importance of smooth working relationship with Selectmen, other organizations
trust, common sense. Vince will talk with S. Fiske.

Notes from the Webmaster: Statement of Purpose and Guidelines

The webmaster will NOT receive any funds from the town to maintain the website. Donations from private citizens will be accepted with no strings attached. It will done strictly on a volunteer basis working closely with the town Selectbody and other town and private organizations. Guidelines will be adhered to to keep the site open and free from any influences that might suggest conflict of interest or restriction of content. However, with this stated, the WebCom will set standards of excellence for the website and will to a degree decide what goes into the site and what does not and attempt to keep the site from blatantly offending any group or individual. The rights of all individuals to have or not have their information on the site will be honored, however, with that said, the website will publish if necessary what is deemed Public Information — Public Information is any information in the public domain that may be obtained by any private citizen. This site will never contain nudity or obscenities. It is not intended for that purpose. It is intended to be a vehicle of information for the citizens of Temple, New Hampshire.



The WEBCOM is a volunteer committee.