Temple Trails Association
Miki Clements Collier 878-1771, Heather Pratt 878-1145
Meets the 1st Thursday of each month (except for holidays) at 7:00 p.m. in Friendship Hall

Temple Trails Association (TTA) is for residents of Temple NH. Our goal is to not only provide an avenue for horse owners to be in contact, but to also work with landowners.

TTA will provide a list of horse owners to its members with contact numbers. That way, if you have an emergency, you will know who in town you can call to help you catch a horse, trailer to a vet, or maybe just go for a ride.

For the landowners, we hope to provide you with a measure of security. We will provide releases and follow any rules you may have, i.e. number of riders per group, no riding during mud season, no dogs, no galloping, call first, or any other restrictions you would like to place.

For those landowners who don't want riders on their property, we will post that to our members.

This is not going to be a group trail ride association, but rather a way for all of us in our local horse community to stay in touch, and perhaps help each other.

For more information please go to our Yahoo group by clicking here.

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