Meeting held on the 10th of February 2004


Board members present: B. Kantner, S. Fiske, Ted Petro


Call to Order by B. Kantner at 7:07 p.m.


Approval of prior minutes:  Move by Petro to accept the 1/27/04 minutes, as amended, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  Move by Petro to accept the 2/7/04 budget hearing minutes as amended, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


Regular Business


  1. Subject:  Reviewed and signed vouchers.                                              Fiske will attend the 2/11/04 meeting regarding the ambulance.

The Administrative Assistant informed the Board that Martin Connolly will not resign from the School Board until after a decision has been made in connection with the Dodge case before the School Board. A review of the State RSA indicates that the School District Moderator appoints a new representative when there is a vacancy.  Kantner will try to contact the “acting” Moderator to inform him that in the event M. Connolly resigns the Board would nominate Gail Cromwell for consideration as School Board Representative for the Town of Temple.

Signed a certificate of occupancy for Paradise, M 05 L 039-6.

Signed junkyard license renewal permit for Walter Mazza.

Signed pole license for Public Service Company of New Hampshire.

Move by Petro to nominate for re-appointment Pete Caswell as Health Officer and Tim Fiske as Deputy Health Officer, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.  The Administrative Assistant will complete the forms to be sent to the Dept. of Health & Human Services for the signatures of the Board.

The Administrative Assistant gave the Board an update on the application for disaster relief from the 12/6/03 snowstorm.  The total expenditure was $16,718.30.  Approximately 80% of this amount ($13,374.64) should be reimbursed by FEMA.

The Board received a zoning violation complaint letter regarding the Tyler properties on Cutter, Map 5 Lots 67 and 72.  This will be discussed at the 2/24/04 meeting.

Signed appointment for Michael Connolly, Fire Chief, as Deputy Fire Warden.

Signed building permit application for San-Ken Homes, M 06 L 013-Q11 for a single-family residence.




  1. Subject:  (cont.) Fiske informed the Board that the excess rug from the Municipal Building has been bound and placed in the entry to the Town Hall.                                                                                                          The Board reviewed the proposed warrant articles.  The Board will unanimously recommend all but the petition warrant article regarding the land use change tax penalty.  The petition warrant article is not recommended two to one.                                                                     Move by Petro to approve and present the budget of $1,164,883.00 to the voters, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.                                                 Discussion of the Selectmen’s role at elections will be at the 2/24/04 meeting.                                                                                                 Signed a letter to Mason Klinck acknowledging receipt of Mr. Klincks letters.                                                                                                     Signed the agreement with Total Notice LLC for deed and mortgagee research.  The Board reviewed a memo from the Administrative Assistant regarding the 2/7/04 budget hearing.  The memo informed the Board that both the DRA and NHMA Legal Services thought that the budget hearing had been properly posted.  The Administrative Assistant will send a written request to the DRA asking for their decision in writing.


  1. Subject:  Tim Fiske, Road Agent met with the Board regarding several issues.  T. Fiske informed the Board that the dump truck is currently at Liberty International and should be returned to the town on Thursday, 2/12/04.  Liberty will be replacing cylinder walls and seals and one valve is being replaced.  The cost will be approximately $2000-$3000.  The Highway Dept. should be able to get another year out of this truck.  T. Fiske is planning on asking the town to purchase a new truck in 2005.  The cost of a new truck will be approximately $80,000 to $90,000.  The Board discussed the issue of sand usage by town residents.  T. Fiske explained that all citizens have access to sand.  Some citizens hire local people with sanders to sand their driveways.  If the loader is readily available it is sometimes used to load these small trucks.  T. Fiske has informed the individuals with sanders that they cannot charge for the sand and it is only to be used for the driveways of Temple residents.  Petro asked for a cost estimate of the sand used on driveways.  T. Fiske estimated $50 to $100 per storm.  Kantner asked T. Fiske how the snowplowing driveway subcontractors are monitored.  T. Fiske explained that he knows approximately how long it should take to do each route.  T. Fiske informed the Board that hours are generally on the honor system.  If there seems to be excess hours submitted by a subcontractor T. Fiske requests an explanation.  T. Fiske informed the Board that he had spoken


       HELD ON THE 10th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 2004


  1. Subject:  to a representative of Brooke Leasing & Development.  Brooke Leasing would like to get a building permit for one of the lots in the new subdivision on Peterborough Road.  A septic design needs to be approved by Peter Caswell.  Caswell is in Florida until 2/22/04.  T. Fiske informed Brooke Leasing that they would need to wait until Caswell’s return.  T. Fiske updated the Board on the West Road Bridge.  Requests for engineering studies have been sent out to three firms.  T. Fiske also informed the Board that the stream is currently referred to as “unknown stream”.  This will need a name.  The Board will request that B. Perry, Office Assistant, research to determine the correct name.  T. Fiske asked the Board if a note could be put into the Town Report explaining the increases in the wage account due to the GASB 34 regulation requiring accounting for vacation and sick time payable to employees.  The Administrative Assistant will compose a note for the Board’s review.


  1. Subject:  The Friends of Temple Town Hall met with the Board.  H. Hastings, as spokesperson for FTTH, discussed the BOS 2/24/04 meeting.  The FTTH will be issuing a press release and putting up posters regarding their presentation between 7:00 pm and 7:45 pm at the BOS meeting.  The Administrative Assistant will post the change of location for the 2/24/04 meeting.  Hastings informed the Board that FTTH have started fund raising efforts.  In conjunction with the fund raising efforts Jackie Davis presented a letter to the Board requesting rental of the town hall for “The Silver Lining Circus Camp”.  There was discussion of the rental fee, insurance and Temple children having first priority in signing up for the camp.  D. Harling suggested that Davis consider a sign up period open to Temple children and then an open sign up period.  Davis will consider this if given the approval of the Board.  The Board was favorable to the idea and will look into this.  The Board will have a special meeting on Tuesday, 2/17/04 at 7:00 pm and give Davis a decision at that time.  The Administrative Assistant will contact Property Liability Trust for insurance information.  Kantner will forward insurance information to Davis.  Petro will speak to Police Chief McTague.  S. Fiske will speak to the Road Agent and Health Officer.


  1. Move by Petro to adjourn, second by Kantner, meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.



Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.