Meeting held on the 12th of August 2003


Board members present: B. Kantner, S. Fiske, Ted Petro


Call to Order by B. Kantner at 7:10 p.m.


Approval of prior minutes:  Move by Kantner to accept the 7/12/03 minutes as amended, second by Petro and voted in the unanimous affirmative. 


Regular Business


  1. Subject:  Reviewed and signed vouchers.                                     Reviewed and signed abatements for the following:  George & Nancy Ellis, M 2 L 61-Property Tax; Cliff Robbins, M 1 L 5-B-Excavaton Tax.

Signed building permit applications for the following:  Chris Panos, M 5 L 74-D-Deck; James Houck, M 8 L 17-1-Carriage Barn.  Did not sign building permit application for Lewis, M 5 L 74-C, as the Code Enforcement Officer had not signed.

Accepted resignation of Jim Koster from the Conservation Commission.

Move by Petro to accept the Conservation Commission recommendations and appoint Roger Hatt as a regular member to fill Jim Koster’s term and Charlene Eddy as an alternate member to fill Roger Hatt’s term, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.

Signed Pole License for PSNH for new poles on Peterborough Road.

Signed NH-DRA application for reimbursement for state forestland. Signed letter of introduction for Norm LeBlond from NH-DRA.  Mr. LeBlond will be making random reviews of properties to verify Avitar’s assessments.

Signed the MS-1 extension request.

Review of the Tax Collectors advance deeding notification; move by Petro that the Town of Temple not deed any properties in 2003, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.

Discussion about a letter received from Paul Quinn regarding the driveway at NHA&BP.  S. Fiske submitted a letter to Quinn, which the Board signed.

Discussion of whether further action will need to be taken on NHA&BP and discussion of what may constitute a “Home Business”.  Kantner will speak to Neil Head.  Kantner would like the Board to review the zoning ordinances-this may be done at a future meeting.

Petro reviewed the status of the Messina site plan review hearing being held by the Planning Board.



HELD ON THE 12th DAY OF August, 2003


  1. Subject: (cont.) Discussion of the Weston Conservation Land.  S. Fiske informed the Board that Peter Caswell, Health Officer, has received a quote of $1000.00 to test the soil at the dumpsite found on this property from EES.  The Board supported the use of EES for the testing of the soil.             S. Fiske reviewed the meeting regarding the Wilton Recycling Center.  There will be changes to the prices charged for furniture left at the recycling center and changes to the hours when open burning will be allowed.  The Wilton Board of Selectmen will be mailing the proposals.                                                   Discussion of the Caney trailer will be held at the 9/9/03 meeting. Discussion of the warrant article regarding the Town Hall.  Petro asked Connie Kieley about the status of the ad hoc committee being formed to look into the restoration of the Town Hall.  Petro and Kantner would like to wait until the committee has been formed before further discussion of work at the town hall.  Minor repairs will be done, such as changing the locks and possibly replacing toilets.                                                                   S. Fiske mentioned small maintenance jobs that need to be done to town property.  The Board authorized Fiske to have this work done.                                                                                    Discussion of selling the old rails from the Common.  It was agreed that S. Fiske would try to sell the rails at a price of $5.00 each.                          Information update on the BAC will occur at the 8/26/03 meeting.      Kantner informed the Board that the four District 45 Representatives would like to meet with the Board.  Sen. Peterson is scheduled for the 8/26/03 meeting.  Kantner will contact Rep. Allen to determine if the four Representatives would be available the same night.                         Review of request by a part-time employee to buy into the Health Insurance.  Petro reviewed the 11/26/02 minutes and the Board agreed that based on these minutes’ part-time employees may buy into the insurance.                                                                                                                                    Petro will write the BOS article for the September/October newsletter.


  1. Subject:  Tim Fiske, Road Agent, came before the Board.  Discussion of the rocks on East Road.  The Board asked T. Fiske if he is comfortable with the compromise regarding the removal of some of the rocks from the town’s right-of-way on East Road.  Fiske had no problem with the removal as long as no more rocks are put into the right-of-way.  S. Fiske will compose a letter to Howard Bradler for the Board to sign.  The Administrative Assistant informed the Board of the research done on East Road.  The records found indicate that East Road was laid out at 3 rods (approximately 49 ½ feet) and later widened to 4 rods.  Discussion with T. Fiske about pre-purchasing propane for the Highway garage and Library heating.  T. Fiske had no problem with this.  The Board agreed to pre-purchase 2300 gallons of propane at a cost of $1.119 per gallon.


HELD ON THE 12th DAY OF August, 2003


  1. Subject: (cont.) Discussion of the bridge at West Road and Blood Road.  The State of NH does not recognize this as a bridge.  T. Fiske has obtained an estimate of $4,000.00 to conduct a study of this “bridge” to determine if it meets the State of NH definition of a bridge.  If this study indicates that it meets the State definition of a bridge the warrant article money may be spent on this study.  If it does not meet the State definition of a bridge then T. Fiske will need to pay for the study from the Highway budget.  T. Fiske will obtain another quote before having this study done.  The Board gave T. Fiske approval to obtain another quote and to have the study completed.  T. Fiske mentioned that the road in front of the Town Hall will be paved this year.


  1. Subject:  Wayne Edwards appeared before the Board regarding the zoning complaint that had been filed.  Edwards informed the Board that he felt there were discrepancies in the letter sent to him from the Board regarding his options.  Edwards stated that he does not have 11 unregistered/un-inspected vehicles on his property.  Edwards clarified there are eleven vehicles; 6 vehicles are registered and inspected, 5 vehicles are unregistered/un-inspected.  Edwards also stated that the Board knew what his business is.  Edwards submitted a business card indicating that his business is “Custom Welding and Fabricating”.  Edwards then stated that he believes he qualifies as a home business under Article IV Section 11 of the zoning ordinance.  S. Fiske clarified that a “home business” is a business run from a person’s residence, not a separate building on the property.  There was discussion about Edward’s father running a plumbing and heating business off of this property prior to the enactment of zoning.  Edwards stated he started his business in 1974.  There was discussion of RSA 236:111a III regarding “Antique Motor Vehicle Restoration Activities”.  S. Fiske asked if Edwards had contacted the ZBA, the Board was informed that the Chairman of the ZBA had been contacted, however, Edwards is scheduled for surgery and will not be able to apply for the September 2003 ZBA meeting.  Edwards informed the Board that he had obtained minutes from the 3/3/1992 BOS meeting in which he had met with the Board.  That BOS had told him he had to move the vehicles on his property and he had moved them.  The Board will review RSA 236:111a III and then contact Edwards regarding a site visit.    


  1. Subject:  Richard and Sandy Benotti spoke to the Board regarding the lock on the front door at the Town Hall.  The locks on the Town Hall are going to be changed.  R. Benotti then discussed the use of the Town Hall on Monday nights when the Band is practicing.  The Band will be using the Town Hall on Monday nights starting 10/13/03 thru Memorial Day 2004.


           HELD ON THE 12th DAY OF August, 2003


  1. Subject: (cont.) The Administrative Assistant will write up the procedures for use of the Town Hall.  R. Benotti asked for a discussion of the speed on Hadley Highway.  Benotti informed the Board that he has spoken to Police Chief McTague who has run radar on this road.  Benotti suggested lowering the speed on Hadley Highway to 25 mph.  Benotti also suggested the purchase of a trailer that shows drivers their speed.  This trailer is estimated to cost $7,000.00.  The Board asked Benotti if he would be willing to look into the purchase and pricing of this type of equipment, Benotti agreed to do this. 


  1. Subject:  Old Business:  A letter of interest has been received from Margaret Cournoyer regarding the Historic District Commission.  Petro has obtained the list of equipment for the OHRV and forwarded a copy to the BAC.  A letter was sent to Ken Lorden regarding the “For Sale” sign on his Route 101 property Lorden has removed the sign.  Chris Cole has completed his community service hours.


  1. Subject:  Move by Kantner to adjourn, second by Petro.  Meeting adjourned at 10:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.