Meeting held on the 7th day of January 2003


Board members present: R. Frazier, B. Kantner, S. Fiske


Call to Order by R. Frazier at 7:15 p.m.


Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion made by Fiske to approve 12/17/2002 minutes as amended, second by Frazier.


††††††††††† Voted unanimous to XX Approve†† Disapprove


Regular Business


  1. Subject:7:00 p.m.Reviewed and signed vouchers.

Reviewed intent to cut from Howard Bradler for M 06 Lots 019-3 and 044.Tim Fiske, Road Agent, informed the Board that the logger is planning on coming out on Rte 45 and East Rd.T. Fiske informed the logger that East Road cannot be used until late spring, May 1, 2003 at the earliest.Move by Frazier to approve with the condition that East Road is not used by logging trucks until May 1, 2003, or later depending on the road conditions, second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.

Reviewed and signed the Timber Tax Warrant.

Reviewed the Highway Department budget.S. Fiske asked about the paving line item.T. Fiske, Road Agent, explained that he plans on paving a portion of Howard Hill Road.

Discussion of the new fire tanker proposed by the Fire Department.Kantner would like to have an evaluation of the current fire tanker.Kantner explained that he has spoken to Moto, a mechanic out of Peterborough who has done some work on the Temple tanker, and maintains some of the other area fire equipment.Moto will come to Temple and evaluate the tanker, it the Fire Chief requests him to do so.

The seating capacity of the Multi-purpose room at the elementary school was discussed.The Administrative Assistant informed the Board that the seating capacity is 500 according to the Conval Maintenance Superintendent.

The Board discussed purchasing cabinets to store records.Move by Frazier to purchase 3 cabinets at $180.00 each, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.

The Board discussed repair of the fence rails at the common.Fiske has gotten prices for the rails (less than $20 ea), the hardware and




  1. Subject:replacement/repair of one of the granite posts ($175).Fiske will work on the wording of the warrant article.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††Fiske spoke to the other Board members regarding Mason Klinck.Mr. Klinck has requested permission from the Board to speak to town employees, as a member of the building committee.The Board instructed the Administrative Assistant to send a letter to Mr. Klinck giving him authorization to speak to town employees.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The Board requested the Administrative Assistant send a memo to the Departments reminding them that their budget requests are due.The Board will review the budget at the January 28, 2003 meeting.†††††††††††††††††††††††† Fiske will contact the Church to get estimates for the serving of election dinners.

  1. Subject:8:00 p.m.Mike Salera spoke to the Board about driveway plowing.Salera asked if there were any policies regarding the plowing of driveways.Salera was given a copy of the policies that had been published in the 1995 town report.Salera had a complaint regarding the way his driveway has been plowed in the last few storms.Salera also stated that, in his opinion, the town has grown to the point where driveway plowing should be stopped.T. Fiske, Road Agent, explained that the Salera driveway drifts over and, according to the policies, drifting is the responsibility of the property owner and/or tenant.After discussion of the condition of the driveway T. Fiske agreed to take the driver who plows Saleraís route over to look at the driveway.Salera was informed that he will need to clean up drifts that occur.


  1. Subject:8:15 p.m. Patty Edwards came before the Board to discuss driveway plowing.Edwards read an RSA regarding rural route mail delivery, which, she said, stated mailboxes needed to be shoveled out so that the mail carrier did not have to leave the vehicle.Edwards then stated that the driveway plowers seem to be plowing out the mailboxes.Edwards also stated that she has been taking pictures in conjunction with her workers compensation claim against the post office.S. Fiske asked what action Edwards wanted from the Board.Edwards said she wants to know why the mailboxes are being plowed out now, when they were not being plowed out when she was the rural mail carrier.T. Fiske, Road Agent, stated to his knowledge the mailboxes are not being plowed out by the driveway plowers.There was discussion on whether the mailboxes are being plowed.The Board asked T. Fiske to speak to the subcontractors who plow the driveways and inform them that they are not supposed to plow out the mailboxes.






  1. Subject:8:30 p.m.Ted Petro spoke to the Board regarding the Conservation Commission.Petro referred to the December 12, 2002 meeting and the comments he had made at that meeting.Petro stated that he does not think resumes and credentials are needed for appointment to the Conservation Commission.A love of the town should be the highest requirement.There was discussion regarding Conservation Commission appointments.


  1. Subject:8:45 p.m.Vince Mamone came in representing the building committee.Mamone presented draft warrant articles to purchase a portion of the Skladney property and to sell two of the tax deeded lots on Route 45.The Board discussed the proposals.There was a suggestion of combining the two warrant articles.No action was taken at this time.


  1. Subject:9:20 p.m.Nancy and Roy Johnson came before the Board to discuss starting a business on their property and submitted a building permit application for an addition to their house.Mrs. Johnson gave the Board a short letter of explanation regarding the business.Move by Frazier that the proposal of the Johnsonís meets the requirements of Article IV Section 11 of the Temple Zoning Ordinance.Any changes or new construction will need Zoning Board of Adjustment approval.Second by Fiske and voted in the unanimous affirmative.Move by Frazier to tentatively approve the building permit application, subject to approval of William S. Wildes, Code Enforcement Officer, and payment of the $35.00 fee, due to the fact that there will be no Board of Selectmenís meeting for three weeks, second by Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.






10:00 p.m. Meeting adjourned.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††




Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.