Meeting held on the 10th day of September 2002


Board members present: R. Frazier, B. Kantner, S. Fiske


Call to Order by R. Frazier at 9:15 p.m.


Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion made by ________ to approve _________ as amended, second by _______.


            Voted unanimous to __ Approve    Disapprove


Regular Business


1.      Subject:  9:15 p.m.  Reviewed and signed vouchers.

Reviewed and signed response letter to Richard Messina regarding two letters from him dated 8/30/2002.

     Discussed the need for 1 new member and alternates to the Zoning Board of

     Adjustment.  Three names were recommended.  No official resignation from

     the ZBA has been received from Will Philips.

     Reviewed report from Betsy Perry regarding the records reorganization.  No

     action taken at this time.

     Reviewed and signed an intent to cut for Raymond Morris and Wendy Powers

     M 02 L 043.

     Reviewed and signed building permit applications for:  Michael & Lisa Leone,

     M 08 L 028-H – 10’ b 14’ storage shed; John & Victoria Mellon, M 08 L 034-2 -                                                                                                         


     Reviewed a letter from Mason Klinck regarding a request from a Building

     Committee sub-committee.  Reviewed and signed a response letter to Mason

     Klinck, Chairman of the Building sub-committee regarding MRI.

     Reviewed and signed a letter drafted by S. Fiske to the DES requesting an

     extension of time for the additional water tests ordered by DES on the wells at

     the old dump site off of Brown Road.                                                                                                                           

     The Cemetery Trustees requested head in parking only along the stonewall                                                                     

    at East Cemetery.  Move by Fiske that all parking along the stonewall at East

    Cemetery be head in parking only, second by Frazier and voted in the

    unanimous affirmative.

    The Board discussed ATV use on town owned land.  Move by Fiske that no

    ATVs be allowed on the Town Common, any ball fields, in any Cemetery, on

    The Tennis or Basketball Courts, on the “Christopher Weston Conservation

    Land or at the White Ledges (per the deed to the White Ledges), second by

    Kantner and voted in the unanimous affirmative.

    The Board decided to run an ad for a minute taker for the Planning Board.


ON THE 10th DAY OF September 2002


2.      Subject:  9:15 p.m. Mary McRae left a resolution regarding the Adelphia

Cable Bankruptcy.  This requests that the Cable Consortium make sure

      all the towns in the consortium are represented at the bankruptcy hearings.

      Signed by all three Board members.


3.      Subject:  11:00 p.m. Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted by Debra Harling, Administrative Assistant.