SEPTEMBER 17, 2003





Board members present: B. Kullgren, R. Martin, M. Connolly, R. Barnhisel, R. Whitcomb,                 A. Pickman, T. Petro


Call to Order by B. Kullgren at 7:35 p.m.        


  1. Review of 9/3/03 minutes.  Move by Pickman to accept the 9/3/03 minutes as written, second by Whitcomb and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


  1. Review of mail – information about a workshop on 10/11/03 at the Harris Center was received.  A notice from New Boston re: a cell tower application.  Notice of the annual fall Planning & Zoning Conference from the NH-Office of State Planning.     


  1. Reviewed and signed the mylars and two copies of the Messina site plan for M 08 L 008.  Petro informed the Board that Messina has obtained demolition permits for cabins #1, 7 and 8 and a building permit to replace cabin #1.


  1. Review of the master plan, discussion of a “vision” section and 6/18/03 public input.  There was discussion of two missing chapters – “Identification of Issues” and “Implementation”.  Pickman pointed out that these are probably covered under the “Administration and Implementation” section of the “Future Land Use” chapter.  Barnhisel requested a summary of the public workshop conducted on 6/18/03 and a revised Future Land Use Plan reflecting the public input.  The Board discussed the use of the survey, Move by Petro that the survey not be included in the Master Plan, second by Pickman and voted six in favor one nay(Barnhisel).  The majority of the Board requested that it be noted in the minutes that material and information obtained from the survey was used in developing the update for the Master Plan (Barnhisel disagreed).


  1. Kullgren informed the Board that a person interested in purchasing 10 acres on Peterborough Road, M 02 L 073 may be appearing before the Board with a subdivision of that property.


  1. Move by Pickman to adjourn, second by Connolly.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.





Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.