JULY 2, 2003





Board members present: R. Martin, M. Connolly, R. Barnhisel, A. Pickman, R. Whitcomb, B. Kullgren, Sr. (later)


Call to Order by R. Martin at 7:48 p.m.††††††††


  1. Public hearing for James Houck, M 08 L 017, minor subdivision.Review of subdivision plans.Move by Pickman to waive the requirement that a 250í square be shown on the map, second by Martin and voted in the affirmative.Move by Martin to approve the two-lot subdivision, conditional upon the test pit location for the new lot being shown on the map and Peter Caswell, the Health Officerís signature is on the map, second by Pickman and voted in the affirmative.The Chairman and Secretary were authorized to sign the map and the Secretary will record the subdivision at the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds upon receipt of the final map.Three paper copies and two mylars will be supplied.


  1. Review of prior minutes.Move by Barnhisel to approve the 6/18/2003 minutes as amended, second by Connolly and voted in the affirmative.Move by Pickman to approve the 6/4/2003 minutes as written, second by Martin and voted in the affirmative, with Barnhisel abstaining.


  1. Review of the draft land use chapter of the master plan and written public comments received regarding the land use chapter.Reviewed a letter from Steve McRae regarding NH RT 101.Martin suggested that a letter be sent to McRae, with a copy to Police Chief J. McTague, thanking McRae for the comments and suggesting that the issues raised were more enforcement issues than Planning Board issues.There was discussion of building on class VI roads and how this is affected by RSA 674:41, I( c) and Article VIII Section 3 of the zoning ordinance.Discussion of B. Kantnerís letter to the Board regarding the master plan.Move by Martin to accept the future land use plan chapter as amended, second by Pickman and voted in the affirmative.


  1. Kullgren requested an update from Barnhisel on the Messina site visit made by Barnhisel and Petro.Discussion of a Town Officials duty to report items such as failed septics, which Barnhisel and Petro saw during their visit.There was discussion of sending Messina a letter to remind him of the items needed for the site plan review.No action was taken on this.


  1. Move by Martin to adjourn, second by Kullgren, meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.



Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.