MAY 7, 2003





Board members present: Bruce Kullgren Sr., Rae Barnhisel, A. Pickman, R. Whitcomb, M. Connolly, Ex-Officio T. Petro


Call to Order by B. Kullgren at 7:40 p.m.

  1. Review of April 16, 2003 minutes. Move by Barnhisel to approve the minutes as amended, second by Whitcomb and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


  1. Review of mail A CD-ROM from NH-OSP regarding land use planning. Notice from Fitzwilliam regarding a cell tower. Letter from Representative Bruneau regarding proposed legislation about impact fees.


  1. Kullgren stepped down and turned the meeting over to Pickman. Kullgren, as Pit Operator, presented a request for a hearing for the renewal of the Clifford Robbins gravel pit. Move by Pickman to allow the Robbins gravel pit to operate under the current permit until a hearing for a new permit. The hearing for a renewal to be held June 4, 2003. Second by Connolly and voted in the affirmative.


  1. Richard Messina appeared before the Board with a request for site plan review on his property located on Route 101, M 08 L 008. The Board noted that two sets of abutter labels had been provided, one more set of labels will be needed. Messina agreed to provide the additional set of labels. The Board discussed the septic plans which had been approved by the State of NH-DES December 2002 and received by the town January 2003. The Board reviewed this under Section 5 Paragraph K.
    The Board informed Messina that a statement from Peter Caswell, Temple Heath Officer, will be needed stating that the current septic system serving the cabins is adequate at the present time. The proposed system in the December 2002 septic approval will be installed in the event of failure. The Board reviewed the site plan review regulations: Section 4. Submission Requirements: A. Existing Data and Information-

v      1. Location of site including names and addressed of owner(s) of record, the applicant or developer, the engineer or surveyor. It was noted that the name and address of the owner of record/applicant is not on the plan, this will need to be added.

v      2. List of current names and addresses of abutters. This item was fulfilled.

v      3. Two (2) mylars and four (4) paper copies of the site plan, the scale of the map (to be no greater that 1 = 100), North Arrow and Date. Maximum size of each drawing is 22 x 34. The Board informed Messina that the two mylars could be provided for the final approval. All other items were okay.

v      4. Vicinity sketch showing location of site in relation to the surrounding public street system. The Board determined that the plan indicated the surrounding public street system.

v      5. The surveyed boundary lines of the area included in the site. Location and width of all existing roads, driveways, and easements shall be shown. No driveways are shown on the plan Messina presented, all driveways will need to be shown. Messina stated there are no easements on the property.

v      6. Copies of any existing or proposed easements, covenants or deed restrictions. Messina stated there are none.




MAY 7, 2003





  1. (cont.)

v      7. Existing grades, drainage systems, structures and topographic contours at intervals not exceeding 5. The Board waived the requirements to have the contours shown on the site plan and to accept the contours as shown on the septic plan approved by NH-DES, approval #CA2003049715, making this septic plan a part of the record for the site plan review.

v      8. Shape, size, height and location of existing structures located on the site and within 200 of the site. The Board requested that the Stark house and well, M 08 L 009 be shown on the site plan. The Board suggested that this could be done with a vicinity sketch.

v      9. Natural features including watercourses, and waterbodies, various types of vegetation and topographic features. The site plan submitted shows only the stonewall at the westerly boundaries. The board waived the existing vegetation requirement.

v      10. Soils data as certified by the Hillsborough County Soil Conservation Service. The Board will accept the information provided on the septic plan, NH-DES approval #CA2003049715.

Section 4. Submission Data: B. Proposed Development:

         1. Proposed grades, drainage systems, structures, and topographic contours at 5 intervals.

         2. Shape, size, height and location of the proposed structures including expansion of existing structures, with typical elevations and floor plans. The Board determined, based upon the information given by Messina, that no roof ridge will be higher than 16 from ground level.

         3. Proposed streets, driveways, parking spaces, loading areas, sidewalks and their dimensions shall be shown. The proposed parking areas were shown, the driveways need to be added to the site plan.

         4. Design and location of all proposed utilities, including but not limited to water supply, waste disposal, septic tanks and leach field systems. The Board determined that the present septic systems will need to be on the final site plan due to the fact that Messina is planning on using these systems until failure.

         5. Location, type and size of all proposed landscaping, screening, etc. This is not on the submitted site plan and will need to be added.

         6. Provisions for control of erosion and sedimentation, both temporary and permanent. This was waived.

         7. Provision of fire safety, prevention and control. Discussion of the distance between the cabins proposed. Pickman recommended that Messina look at the International Building Code to determine safe distances and the possible need for fire resistant siding.

         8. Stormwater drainage plan showing existing and proposed methods of handling stormwater run-off based on a 20-year flood storm frequency. This item was waived.

         9. Location of all building setbacks required by the Zoning Ordinance. This item was okay.

         10. Copies of all applicable state approvals and permits. The approval of the septic design has been made a part of this file. A statement from Peter Caswell, Temple Health Officer has been requested stating that the current septic system is functional.




MAY 7, 2003






  1. (Cont.) Section 5. General Requirements was reviewed with Messina The Board discussed various options. It was determined that the Board would discuss the issue of screening and setbacks of the cabins with Messina at another meeting. Discussion of a site visit. Messina agreed to a site visit on Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 12:00 noon. Barnhisel, Connolly and Petro are available on that date. Messina agreed to allow other Board members to look at the property at their convenience, with prior notification to Messina.


  1. Move by Petro to adjourn, second by Pickman, meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.















Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.