APRIL 16, 2003





Board members present: Bruce Kullgren Sr., Rae Barnhisel, A. Pickman, M. Connolly, R. Martin, R. Whitcomb, Ex-Officio B. Kantner


Call to Order by B. Kullgren at 7:35 p.m.††††††††


  1. Review of April 2, 2003 minutes.Move by Barnhisel to approve the minutes as amended, second by Martin and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


  1. Review of mail - a copy of a wetland permit application for Jeremiah Ulch, M 08 L 036.NH Office of State Planning workshop notification and a newsletter regarding water.


  1. Eric Twarog and Janelle Cornwell from SWRPC came in to discuss the master plan.Twarog brought the most recent updates of the basic studies section.Barnhisel asked if a CD Rom of the master plan would be available upon completion, Twarog answered in the affirmative.The revised contract was submitted for the Boards review and the Chairmanís signature.The first public workshop is scheduled for May, 21, 2003 the second public workshop is scheduled for June 18, 2003, Twarog will attend both workshops.Twarog discussed the master plan and explained to the Board that this document may be changed as conditions in the town change.Individual chapters may be changed without revising the entire plan, if needed.The Board discussed the possibility of conducting a new survey.The Board discussed a plan for the public workshop.


  1. Tim Fiske, Road Agent, met with the Board to discuss the repair/replacement of bridges and roads.Fiske informed the Board that there are three bridges that should be considered for replacement, Powers Road, Putnam Road and North Road.Kullgren asked Fiske about the bridge on West Road over Blood Brook.Fiske explained that the State does not list this as a bridge because of its size.Fiske asked the Board to consider, when reviewing applications for subdivision, the fact that some roads are substandard and that even a few houses would have a large impact on these roads.


  1. Move by Kullgren to adjourn, second by Pickman, meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.




Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.