Board members present: Bruce Kullgren Sr., Randy Martin, Martin Connolly, Allan Pickman, Ted Petro, Rae Barnhisel, Ex-Officio Sherry Fiske


Call to Order by B. Kullgren at 7:40 p.m.        


1.        Review of the 8/21/2002 minutes.  Move by M. Connolly to accept the minutes as written, second by Martin and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


2.        7:50 p.m. B. Kullgren read through the mail.  Kullgren informed the Board about the NHMA Municipal Law Lecture Series scheduled for the fall and said the sign up sheet would be available.  Kullgren also informed the Board that the transportation update from Southwest Regional Planning Commission is available for review in the Selectmen’s office.  There were two notices, one from Marlborough and one from Weare, regarding applications for cell towers.


3.        7:55 p.m. Kullgren opened discussion on a request from George Ellis to have a lot in Peterborough Road, known as M 02 L 061, declared unbuildable.  A letter from Carl Haegstrom, Septic Designer and Certified Wetlands Scientist, was read.  D. Harling, Administrative Assistant, explained why the Assessors (Avitar Associates) have requested a decision from the Planning Board regarding this lot.  Discussion of the lot size and dimensions of the lot occurred.  Move by Kullgren to accept Carl Haegstrom’s findings and declare M 02 L 061 as unbuildable, second by Barnhisel and voted in the unanimous affirmative.


4.       8:05 p.m. Al Rydant from Keene State College appeared at the meeting.  Kullgren asked Rydant to explain what ideas Rydant may have come up with in regards to helping put together a “Vision Series”.  Rydant explained that he was attending the meeting to listen to the public and obtain ideas of how the residents of Temple perceived the Master Plan process.


5.       8:08 p.m. Bonnie Brunner of Southwest Regional Planning Commission appeared before the Board to give an update on the status of the Master Plan update.  Brunner informed the Board that the 2000 Census information has been incorporated into the Basic Study.  The Conservation Commission will do the Natural Resources inventory.  The Land Use portion needs the Assessors database.  Brunner then explained that the second portion of the Master Plan update will involve public opinion.  Rydant asked Brunner if SWRPC would hold public workshops.  Brunner explained that SWRPC encourages, but does not moderated public workshops.  Rydant then informed the Board that he and Mr. Cusack might be able to help moderate workshops, but for Keene State to help with any project the timeline for completion would be pushed further out.  Brunner explained what “Visioning” is about – the goal is to get people to try and agree to a common future.  Connolly explained to Brunner why he had asked the Planning Board to hear from Rydant.  There was discussion about growth and values of the residents of the Town.  Discussion also occurred regarding what the needs of the Town are and what projects need to be completed.  The approval of the Basic Study of the portion was discussed.  Brunner recommended the Board approve the Basic Study and then hold workshops on the information contained in the Basic Study.  Discussion then continued on growth and the information needed to support a growth ordinance.  Brunner explained how the Natural Resources inventory could be used to control growth   







5.   in certain areas.  S. Fiske suggested that the Basic Study be reviewed, any changes that are

      needed be made, and the Basic Study be finalized and approved by the Board.  Kullgren

      suggested setting a date to meet with the people from the sub-committees to finalize each

      chapter of the basic study.  Barnhisel suggested SWRPC send a draft copy of the Basic

      Study with any changes already made for the Board to review and finalize.  Brunner will send

      a copy of the draft to the Board of Selectmen’s office for distribution to the Planning Board.

      Connolly then asked Rydant if it would be possible to get 02/03 second semester students to

      help with workshops.  The Board felt that the Basic Study should be finalized before any

      workshops are held.  It was agreed that the “Population and Housing” section  and Traffic and

      Transportation will be discussed at the September 18, 2002 meeting.  Discussion of whether

      the Board should hold extra meetings occurred; this will be decided at a later date.  SWRPC

      will contact the Board later in September to set a date for them to return.


6.      10:15 p.m.  Kullgren read a letter from Richard Messina requesting Site Plan Review.  No action was taken at this time.  Mr. Messina was not present at this portion of the meeting.


7.       Move by Fiske to adjourn, second by Pickman.  Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Debra Harling.