Temple Master Plan Public Workshops May 21 and June 18

The Temple Planning Board is scheduling two public workshops to get input on Temple's updated Master Plan, specifically its Future Land Use Plan. The dates are Wednesday May 21 and Wednesday June 18 (both the 3rd Wednesday of the month). Workshops will begin at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall, center of town. There will be refreshments and good cheer.

Additional public workshops may be scheduled, however, these two will be attended by Southwest Regional Planning Commission (the entity we are paying to help us). Its staff will faithfully record public opinion in order to demonstrate that there has been citizen input when Planning Board members vote on the Master Plan in Fall 2003. Note that these are not public hearings (those will be scheduled for Fall and may not allow much input into the Plan at that late date).
These upcoming workshops will specifically provide the Goals and Objectives for future land use in Temple and will reflect the ideas and comments of all present. These are two great opportunities to offer input, think along with diverse viewpoints, and help build consensus on what we all think should happen to Temple in the next 5 to 15 years. Ideally, a town's Master Plan should define the quality of life for current residents and seek ways to maintain that quality for future residents.

Everyone will be able to see the draft Basic Studies portion of the Master Plan (“where Temple is now") and receive or arrange for copies at the workshops. Thanks to everyone who helped Planning Board members make this portion as current and comprehensive as it is. However, this next portion, the Future Land Use Plan (“where Temple wants to be") is even more critical. It absolutely depends on citizen input. Please pass the word. Please come!