Minutes of the Municipal Budget Advisory Committee
Town of Temple, NH
May 22, 2002

Members present (in alphabetical order):
Steve Anderson 924-8544
Rae Barnhisel 878-3671
Michael Barrett 878-1032
Hap Brown 878-3200

Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm

Order of Business:
1. Minutes from May 8, 2002, accepted as amended. Email addresses will be circulated among members but kept confidential.
2. Goals and objectives were discussed:
A. Understand NH state law.
Barrett brought in various RSAs that address state oversight of a town’s budget including
RSAs 71-A, 32:4, 32:5, and 21J:34. He will continue to research applicable RSAs.
Barnhisel reported that Temple’s auditors are currently in training and will be available next week. She will ask that an auditor meets with the committee by or at the next meeting, June 12.
The committee formulated specific questions to DRA:
· What is the appropriate method for allocating funds and providing cash on hand for the first quarter prior to town meeting?
· How much working cash should be allocated? Is it based on the actual budget for the current year or projected budget for the following year?
· Is a balanced budget required? How is this accomplished?
B. Understand history and evolution of Temple's town budget.
Discussion followed on the level of scrutiny the committee would have on various departments and budgets. It was agreed that all line items would receive an equal and unbiased analysis. Analyses will include salaries and other compensations and contracts.
It was agreed to make recommendations on how the published “Annual Reports,” could be improved for clarity and brevity. Pat Lee’s name was mentioned as someone who might help.
C. Recommend a budget in whole or in part that reflects a prudent appropriation of funds.
Anderson will request the budget breakdown for 2001 and 2002 and the timeline from Harling.
It was agreed that the committee would work with dept. heads on a “preliminary budget” well in advance of when they would need to submit a “final budget.” Anderson will also contact Aaron Kullgren of Greenfield to set up a meeting after the DRA meeting but before the select board meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Rae Barnhisel, June 12, 2002